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New Method: From Where To Get Muft Atta By Negahban Card in May 2024 

Muft Atta By Negahban Card Special Package 2024

On behalf of the Chief Minister of Punjab, muft Atta by Negahban Card Special Package has been launched. Under the Negahban Special Package, Punjab government will provide free three bags of flour to the people in the month of May 2024 for the deserving and poor families so that they can spend their better. Due to rising inflation and worst economic situation in the country, the poor section has also been deprived of food.

Therefore, the Punjab government has decided to provide free Atta to such people so that such people can have better food. We will tell you in this article how you can register for free flour and where you can get your free flour. If you want to know all this information, then read our article till the end, you will be provided with complete information about how you can benefit from this program.

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Muft Atta By Negahban Card

If you want to avail the benefits of the Negahban special package free Atta, register yourself as soon as possible through the code provided by the government. The government has made registration for the Negahban Mufti ITA scheme very easy. So that more and more poor and deserving people can register themselves in this program and benefit from it. The registration procedure is provided below through which you can register yourself in the Nihgaban Ration Program in a few seconds. Here’s how it works.

  • To register in the Free Ita scheme, you must first open the message box on your mobile.
  • Enter your 13-digit National Identity Card number in the message box.
  • Then you have to send this SMS to 8070.
  • After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation SMS to inform you that your registration has been completed.. you can also read: Benazir Income Support Program Eligible Get 10500 Payment

Sell Points To Get Negahban Muft Atta by Negahban Card

Chief Minister Punjab has set up more than 20,000 cell centers to provide free Atta to deserving and low-income families. From where you can get your free Atta. A few centers have allocated by the Punjab government through which free flour will provided to the people under the Negahban Ramadan special package. Below are the details of the centers from where your caregivers can get free Atta. The government approves these, and you will be getting three free bags of flour from these centers in phases during Ramadan.

  • Utility Stores allotted by Punjab Govt.
  • PSPA-registered stores are establish at the district level.
  • Truck stores are allocate in different rural areas at the Tehsil level.
  • The Negahban program allocates General Atta stores.
Negahban Ramadan Special Package

Procedure To Get Negahban Free Atta Special Package

To get Atta from the Negahban program, you should take your registered mobile number and original national identity card to the sales point. The sales point representative has to give his National Identity Card and show the confirmation SMS sent to the mobile. After which, your verification will done, and free flour will be provided.

Negahban Relief Package Released By CM Punjab For Ramadan

The government has announced that this free Ata will provided only if you provide your original ID card. And if you do not have your original ID card. So you will not provided this free flour in any case. And this free flour will provided only to the concerned person who has declared eligible to receive free flour.


The Punjab government has subsidized Rs.60 billion for a Muft Atta By Negahban Card, which about 10 crore people can benefit from. Negahban Free Atta Scheme has announced that this free Atta will provided only to registered people. Whose monthly income is less than 50 thousand rupees and whose PMT score is less than 40. If you can meet this eligibility criteria then you will provided Negahban free Atta by Punjab Government immediately. So unregistered persons should get their registration done using the 8070 SMS code as soon as possible. So that they can get a timely supply of Free Flour. And they can lead a better life in the month of Ramadan

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