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Negahban 10500 Muft Rashan

Negahban 10500 Muft Rashan Subsidy

Under the Ramadan package, Minister Maryam Nawaz has started providing Negahban 10500 Muft Rashan and Atta to deserving and poor families. Individuals who earn Rs 60,000 per month and whose poverty score is less than 60 can get Nagaban 10500 Muft Rashan. Under the Maryam Nawaz program, around 10 lakh households have been provided free ration till now.

Under the Nighaban Ramadan Relief Package, Negahban Rashan is being provided free of cost to poor and deserving families. All these Rashan are being provided to the poor and deserving families at their homes. If you still haven’t received Naghban 10500 free ration and flour. So visit your nearest AC office immediately and get a free ration under the Nighaban Ration Relief Programme.

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Apart from this, Nighban Muft Atta is also being provided to the people. In Ramadan, three bags of free flour will be provided to you under the Maryam Nawaz program. You can get them from your nearest Negahban Rashan Sale Centre. The Punjab government has established over 20,000 Sale centers to provide Nigahban 10,500 Rashan and Atta. To whom can you get a free ration under the Nigahban Ration Relief Package?

Negahban 10500 Muft Rashan

Negahban Rashan Program Online Registration Form

If you want to get Negahban 10500 Rashan subsidy, the Punjab government has introduced a Negahban online registration form. You can register at home and get a ration for free through the form provided below. The government of Punjab is providing door-to-door Negahban Rashan. Those who have not been able to register yet should register through the form below and be eligible. A Nigahban Rashan subsidy will provided to them at their doorstep if they are eligible. Apart from this, if you are already receiving ration from the Benazir Income Support Program and Ehsaas Rashan Program, you can go to the nearest Assistant Commissioner’s office and get a free ration by knowing your eligibility.

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Negahban Rashan Eligibility Check Form

Suppose you want to know your Negahban Free Rashan Subsidy and Free Atta eligibility. In that case, you are provided with an Eligibility Check Form to check your eligibility for the Nighaban Ration Relief Program. You must enter your CNIC number in the form provided below after which you will be shown your eligibility. Apart from this, you can know your eligibility even sitting at home without internet, for which you have to SMS your national identity card number to 5566. After that, the Ehsaas Rashan Program will provide you with complete information about eligibility for the Negahban Subsidy Program on your number. Whether you are eligible for the Nigahban Rashan Relief Program and whether you are receiving the Negahban Subsidy or not.

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How To Get Free Negahban 10500 Ramadan Rashan

If you are eligible for the Negahban Ramadan Rashan Subsidy after registration. If you want to get a free ration of Negahban, then visit the Negahban sale Center established near you. Remember that you will be provided a Negahban Muft ration if you have an original national identity card. The ID card has to be provided to the representative, after which he will scan your National ID card through the Negahban Ration app, and your eligibility will be checked.

If your registration has been done in the Negahban subsidy program and you have been declared eligible, you will receive your free ration. You are not eligible for the Negahban Ration Subsidy, you will return your CNIC card and asked to wait. If you are declaring ineligible, you must go to your nearest Benazir office and get your registration again. After which, you will be provided a free Rashan of 10500 from the Negahban Ration Program if you are eligible.

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