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Latest News: Negahban Relief Payment 6600/- Started By Chief Minister

Negahban Relief Payment 6000/- Program

It’s a Good news for the poor people living in Punjab because Negahban Relief Payment 6600 Started in this month. While taking an oath, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif mentioned the poverty of poor people and said that many programs will now start to eradicate poverty in Pakistan.

In a recent meeting, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced that a Negahban program is being started for the deserving and low-income families of Punjab. Under the Negahban relief package program, deserving and low-income families will be provided free ration at their doorsteps during this month.

Negahban Relief Payment 6000/- Program

Apart from this, under the Negahban Rashan program 6600/-, cheap Ramadan bazaars will established in all cities across Punjab. People will given a ration at a 50% discount. If you want complete details about the Negahban program, read this article carefully and thoroughly. You will get all the details from here. Are You interested to read: Benazir Kafalat Triple Qist 31500 Latest News For Applicants

Under the Neghaban program, government representatives will come to your doorstep, conduct a survey and review your initiation. If you are declaring poor in this survey, you will receive a free ration immediately. If you belong to a low-income family, we will tell you which documents you should prepare. You can register by showing these documents and get a free ration if you are surveying.

Neghban Relief Payment 6600 Survey Procedure

Whenever the government of Pakistan started any welfare program, it used NSER survey data by BISP to classify people as eligible or ineligible. But in a recent meeting, it was decided by the Punjab government that many poor and deserving people are not included in the BISP data. Therefore, the Punjab government has announced that it will conduct the survey again.

In this, government representatives will go to the homes of poor and deserving people and assess their conditions. The survey will decide which poor people will be included, and based on this survey, people will provided with a free ration at their doorstep. If the survey team comes to your house, give them the correct information. If you provide correct information, you can get a free ration.

Negahban Relief Payment 6600/- Registration

The registration mechanism has not yet been provided in the Nighaban Rashan Program. In this program, people are expected to register through a house-to-house survey, and a free ration will provided to the successful people. You will not need to go anywhere to get a ration, and you will not have to wander around to get a ration. All rations will be provided to you at home by the government.

The government has provided the information that the data will collected through a door-to-door survey. And the people declared eligible for the survey will informed through SMS. Later, they will provided with a free ration at their home. If any other registration procedure is provided, you will find it on our website, so keep checking it to get all the information. Peoples who are included in Neghban program can also apply for tha Neghban free atta card by this article…..

Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab government has announced that this free ration will not be provided to everyone. Only 70 to 80 lakh families in Punjab will be provided this free ration. In this free ration, they will be provided with atta ghee, pulses, rice and tea. To qualify for the program, the Punjab government has set eligibility criteria, and if you meet the criteria, you will be provided with a ration from the Negahban program. The Eligibility Criteria for the Caregiver Program are as follows.

  • Your poverty score should be less than 30.
  • You are forced to live a life of poverty
  • Your monthly income should be less than 50 thousand rupees.
  • Your household electricity and gas bill should be less than 2 thousand rupees.
  • You should not have any transportation like a car or motorcycle.
  • You have never taken a loan from a bank or held any government job.

Poor people can also apply for the BISP Online Registration Check By CNIC 10500 Get New 8171 Amount

Requirement For Neghaban Relief Package Registration

As you have been told earlier, people will receive rations at their homes under the Free Negahban Ration Program. In this regard, prepare some documents so that you do not have any problems while registering and your registration is quick. These documents are as follows.

  • Computerized National Identity Card
  • Registered mobile number
  • Passport-size photograph of the head of household.
  • Domicile of the head
  • Income proof of your employment


You must have got this information from this article that this program is only for the deserving and poor people. So that they can enjoy the joys of Ramadan. In this regard, the Minister of Punjab has decided to provide free ration at their homes to provide facilities to these people. So that these people can also benefit from the joys of life.

Apart from this, no complete information regarding the Negahban program registration has yet received. We will provide you with the data as soon as the information about it is available. So you will not have to go to other places for free food and rations. Now you will be provided with all the facilities at home.

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