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Negahban Ramadan Relief Package

Negahban Ramadan Rashan Relief Package Latest

The Government of Punjab has started the distribution of Negahban Ramadan Relief Package 2024. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has started the distribution of free ration in various districts of Punjab under the Naghban Ramadan Relief Package.

And about five lakh people have been provided this free ration at their doorstep. Apart from this, Maryam Nawaz says that the distribution of the Negahban Ramadan relief package will completed in other districts between two Ramadans to the 10th of Ramadan.

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On behalf of the Punjab government, the distribution of free ration has started in Hafizabad, Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Wahari, Khanewal and Lodra under the Negahban Ration Program. If your survey has completed, then let us give you the good news that in a few days, you will get a free ration for the month of Ramadan from the Punjab government.

The free ration bag provided by the Punjab government includes flour, ghee, rice, sugar, tea, dates and beverages. You don’t have to go anywhere to get this free ration, the government representative will provide you this free ration at your doorstep.

Objective Of The Ramadan Relief Package

The main goal of Chief Minister Punjab is to eradicate poverty from Punjab. Therefore, the Punjab government has decided to provide this free ration to about nine lakh families in the Multan division of South Punjab. Apart from this, this free ration will be provided in the form of food to about 60,800,000 vulnerable people across Punjab. The Punjab government has released Rs 30 billion to provide subsidies to the people in the Negahban Ramadan package. So that the people of Ramadan can have full access to nutritious food during the holy month of Ramadan.

CM Maryam Nawaz Issued Negahban Rashan Ramadan Package 

Negahban Ramadan Relief Package

Nigheban Program Online Registration

In its efforts to eradicate poverty and ensure food security, the Punjab Government has launched the Nighaban Ration Program 2024. This program aims to distribute essential food items to deserving people in the Multan Division under the Nighaban Ramadan Package. Here are the comprehensive distribution details and important information related to the move.


Distribution Of Negahban Ramadan Rashan Program

The Government of Punjab has made the best planning in the Negahban Rashan Program for efficient delivery to the consumers in the distribution process. Under which free Rashan will distributed among the beneficiaries, what steps have taken for the distribution of free rations? Those steps are as follows.

  • The delivery of free Rashan under the Negahban Rashan Program is verified through the BISP Program and NADRA data. So that the eligible recipient can correctly identified.
  • While selling the Rashan bag by Punjab Food Authority. The quality of all the food items has been checked. And it has been confirmed that all the Rashan included in the Rashan bag is of high quality.
  • The Punjab government is delivering the free Rashan bags of the Negahban Rashan program to the doorsteps of deserving families. Maryam Nawaz says she does not like to see people suffering. So she believes that free Rashan should provided at people’s homes under the Negahban Rashan Program.
  • A QR coding scanning machine has been provided to the representative by the Punjab Government. When this Muft Rashan is provided to you under the Negahban program. So, the QR code of your ID card is scanned to ensure accountability and transparency in the distribution process.
  • If you encounter any problems when receiving a free Rashan. You can contact the toll-free number of the Nighban Ramzan Ration Relief Package. Lodge a complaint, and have your grievance redressed.

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Punjab Ehsaas Negahban Rahan Riayat Program

The success of the Nighaban Ration Program by the Government of Punjab is based on cooperation and coordination among various stakeholders. Among these stakeholders, the District Administration, Food Department, Food Authority, and Punjab Ehsaas Ration discount representatives are working together. To make the Nahban Ramadan Relief Program a success. And deliver the Muft Rashan to the doorsteps of the people before the 10th of Ramadan.

If you want to get a Muft Rashan from the Nighaban Rashan Relief Program, then complete your survey. If you do not complete the survey, then your registration will not done. So visit your nearest Polio Office Headquarters and complete your survey. So that you can get a free Rashan from the Negahban Rashan Program.

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