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Big News Negahban Card For Disabled Persons Under Baitul-Mal 2024

CM Punjab Negahban Card 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz announcing that deserving and poor disabled people from all over Punjab will provided with Negahban Card by Baitul Mal 2024. Under this, they will be able to benefit from various facilities. The Punjab Government and Baitul Mal will provide various facilities to disabled persons holding a Negahban Card.

Wheelchair and other equipment will be provided free of charge by Baitul-Mal to the disabled person holding CM Punjab Nihgaban card. How you can register for a Negahban card and how you can get it is provided to you in this article of us. knowing which you will be able to register easily and get the Negahban card.

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Key Features Of CM Punjab Negahban Card

Neghaban card is being issued to provide various facilities to the disabled people of Punjab. What are these facilities, and what are their details? You have been informed about them below. Knowing which you will want to get your registration done for Negahban Card.

Big News Negahban Card For Disabled Persons Under Baitul-Mal
  • Baitul-Mal will provide a certain amount of financial assistance to a disabled person holding a Nihbaan card every quarter.
  • The cardholders will be provided free of charge with various disability devices like wheelchair hearing aids crutches, etc.
  • People with disabilities will be provided loans up to two and a half lakh rupees through this card so that they can do the best business.
  • A disabled person who is declared eligible for this card will be provided with a concessional ration from the utility store.

Eligibility Criteria

What are the eligibility criteria for getting a guardian card, and to which disabled persons it is being provided? All its details and eligibility criteria are provided to you in our article which is below.
In order to get this card, the applicant must have suffered from any disability.

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  • Applicant-disabled persons should not have any source of income.
  • Applicant disabled persons should not be part of any government job.
  • The applicant’s monthly income should be less than 20 thousand rupees.
  • Disable person is not receiving assistance from Baitul-Mal or any other government institution.
  • The disabled person’s disability is not caused by any criminal activity.
  • A disabled person should be a resident of Punjab and living a very backward life.

Registration Procedure For Negahban Card

If you want to get a Negahban card and you are a disabled person, go to the nearest Baitul Mal office as soon as possible, get the registration form, and fill out this registration form with your correct information.

Get the registration form verified by your nearest Zakat Committee Chairman and concerned Commissioner and submit it to the Baitul-Mal office. In this way, you will be able to complete your registration for the guardian card. If you are eligible for this card, you will informed by Baitul Mal. After that, the card will be provided to you, and you will be able to benefit from various facilities.


The government of Punjab has issued a Negahban Card to provide facilities for the disabled people of Punjab. Therefore, a person who is disable and living a very backward life should go to the nearest Baitul-Mal office as soon as possible and register for a CM Punjab Negahban card.

Apart from this, if you are a disabled person and want to start your own business, then you will also be provided with a loan through a Nighaban card. Through this, you will be able to do your business better and lead a better life. So get the Negahban card as soon as possible and enjoy its benefits.

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