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Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass

Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass Program

In the Ehsaas program, a new project called Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass has been launched for the widowed or orphaned. Ehsaas Program is a social relief program that started in 2019. Pakistan’s poor people were supposed to be able to get money through the scheme. S they could meet their needs and live luxurious lives.

The Government of Pakistan’s Orphans Scheme was made to help children who have lost their parents. It lets them get money and make sure they are financially secure. They also need more help. A safe place to live, an education, and a bright future are all possible for children through this program.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Registration Through BISP Offices

Dar Ul Pass Program Registration Process

The Ehsaas HumQadam program takes care of children by giving them access to good food, healthcare, training, and education. It is now easier to sign up for this very simple service in Pakistan, thanks to changes made by the government. It’s the goal to make registration easy so that even more orphans can use it. 

BISP Started Ehsaas Intrest Free Loan Program 2024

Then, this is how you can sign up: go to the 8171 page. Kids alone don’t have anyone who can help them get financial stability through this service. To sign up and ensure eligibility, you must send your National Identity Card to 8171. 

Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass

Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass Program 2024

For kids who lost their parents when they were young, Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass is a happy place. It’s also a good place for kids who don’t have a parent to watch out for them. It’s a unique program made for little boys and girls.

The project helps orphaned boys and girls who need care the most by giving them cash security and great educational opportunities. Dar Ul-Pass is a safe place because it has a shelter. This program has changed many people’s lives so that they are no longer alone.

Bait-Ul-Mall Latest Updates

Besides that, the Pakistani government built Baitul-Mal, a home for children. So far, the Benazir Income Support Program has set up 51 centers. Along with orphans and widows, these centers help low-income families and widows by giving them a safe place to stay where they are cared for.

These kids are alone and don’t have anyone to help keep them safe. The Pakistani government has promised to give each of these kids twenty-five thousand rupees through the BISP program. Anyone can mail their national ID card to 8171 to ensure they are eligible, not just you.

How To Apply For Ehsaas Kafalat 8500 Full Information Update

Facilities that Dar-ul-Ehsaas Program Offers

The qualified people for this program get many benefits listed below.

  • Through college and beyond
  • Food Clothes
  •  Place to Stay
  • Health care centers
  • Having fun things
  • Sports and games

Benazir Income Support Program Payment Withdrawal Process 

Eligibility Criteria Of Dar ul Pass 

The Pakistani government has set up many institutions for these people. So far, 51 centers have been built. Guardians of widows and children must meet the following requirements to sign up for this program.

  • This program is open to all children who have lost their parents.
  • The kids must be between 4 and 6 years old and not have a dad or mom to care for them
  • They have nothing to their name and are completely poor.
  • Widows are also in this program.

Ehsaas Dar Ul Pass Program payment New Update 2024

We all know that the rate of poverty in Pakistan is increasing day by day. And this is a very serious problem for Pakistan. To reduce the poverty rate, the government launches new programs every year. Under which period is provided to the poor.

The Dar Ul Pass program was created for the poor and helpless and women who receive financial assistance from Baitul Mal etc. The government has again started distributing money among poor and widows under this program. Complete your registration as per above method and join this Dar Ul Pass program.


With the Benazir Income Support Program, the Pakistani government gives widows and children a safe place to live and money to cover expenses. You can sign up for this program, or someone else can do it for you. 

There are easy steps to follow to sign up for this program if you want to. Before you can apply, you need to get the form. After that, you need to turn in the license. A person can mail their National name Card to 8171 once they know their age and name.

Ehsaas Tracking Portal Relaesed For Ehsaas Payment Latest Update

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