Fri. May 24th, 2024
CM Maryam Nawaz HelpLine

Mariyam Nawaz HelpLine 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz HelpLine has been launched by the Punjab government. This helpline has been specially designed to receive complaints about the Ramadan relief package. You can call upon it and directly talk to Maryam Nawaz and register your complaints. Through the CM Maryam Nawaz helpline, you can also file complaints about the Punjab Negahban Rashan Program and Muft Atta Scheme.

Apart from this, through the Maryam Nawaz Helpline, you can convey the problems faced in your area to the Chief Minister and get their solutions. The main purpose of CM Maryam Nawaz Helpline is to solve the problems of the people of Punjab, your problems will be solved in a few days through this helpline.

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CM Maryam Nawaz HelpLine

Objective Of CM Maryam Nawaz HelpLine

The main objective of CM Maryam Nawaz Helpline is to solve the problems faced by people in the Negahban Ramadan Relief package. If you face any kind of difficulties in the Negahban Rashan Program and Ramadan Relief Package. You can register your complaints on the Maryam Nawaz Helpline.

If you are registered in the Nighaban Ration Relief Program and you have not received your ration. You can also complain to the Chief Minister through Maryam Nawaz Helpline, after which your complaint will redressed.

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Maryam Nawaz HelpLine For Negahban Program Registration

The Chief Minister of Punjab says that you can convey your opinion regarding the Ramadan Relief package to the Punjab government through the Maryam Nawaz helpline at any time. If you have any suggestions for improvement, you can also reach the government through this helpline.

CM Maryam Nawaz HelpLine

So that it can worked on and facilities can provided to the public in a better way under the Ramadan Negahban Relief Package. Apart from this, if you see any kind of illegal delivery in the Punjab Negahban Ration Program. You can file a complaint on the Maryam Nawaz Helpline. Your complaint will redressed within 72 hours.


You can register any kind of complaint through Maryam Nawaz Helpline. If you have any kind of problem in your area. You can also call on Maryam Nawaz Helpline to inform the government. Can tell and get it resolve. But especially this helpline has issued for the beneficiaries who are getting free rashan from the Ramadan relief program. If they are facing any problem in getting ration then they can call this helpline. You can register your problems. Your complaint will acted upon by the government within 72 hours. And you will provided with the details after the complaint is resolve.

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