Fri. May 24th, 2024
Get New Kafalat Money 10500

Check Eligibility 8171 and Get 10500 Kafaalat Money

Applicants who have recently re-registered for the Kafalat Program and wish to check eligibility 8171 for 2024. Whether it is possible in government of Pakistan Benazir Income Support Program or not. Those who want to know about their amount of Rs 10,500 can get this information by following the easy procedure.

Check Eligibility 8171

Some people apply to Ehsaas Kafalat Program 8171. But they need to learn about money and application eligibility. We will tell you how to get this information. Through this, you can get your application status and money information sitting at home. So you have to read this article till the end and know this procedure.

Check eligibility 8171 through a web portal.

The government has launched a web portal for the BISP program, which aims to guide people. You can know your eligibility and get money details by using Upstal.

  1. First of all, you have to type 8171 web portal in the search engine of your computer or mobile.
  2. When you type, the first official website, 8171 web portal, shows in front of you.
  3. Click on it and go to its home page.
  4. A form is shown in front of you on the home page. On which you enter your CNIC number and captcha code.
  5. After entering the information, click on the Submit button.
  6. In a few seconds, a message is shown on the screen in front of you.
  7. The message tells you whether you are eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program or not. If you qualify, you wait for your money.

8171 Check eligibility using CNIC

You can easily check your eligibility at home by using CNIC on your mobile. For this, you have to type your 13 Hill hundred ID card number in the SMS inbox of your mobile. After typing the CNIC number, send it to 8171. After sending it to 8171, you receive a message. In which your eligibility is confirmed. If you are eligible, then you are informed of the next steps.

Check Eligibility through the Benazir Office.

Those who are not able to check their eligibility through online methods or SMS or if they are illiterate need to be reassured. For them, the government has established BISP offices in every district and tehsil so that they can get any information related to the Benazir Income Support Program directly from the representative of the Benazir Office.

So, if you want to check your application eligibility, visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program. Tell Benazir representatives your ID number there and get details of your application and amount.

How to Get Money On an Eligibility Check?

Those who have qualified after applying to the BISP program. And want to get Benazir Kafalat Program 2024 without my own money. So they should visit their nearest Benazir Income Support Program office. Remember to take your ID card with you there. Get verified by a Benazir representative through thumb and receive your new amount of Rs.10500.

Apart from this, you can also receive this amount from your nearest HBL Bank ATM. Carry your Impact ID card while going to the ATM. Enter your ID card number there. Verify by thumb. After verification, check your amount and withdraw it.