Fri. May 24th, 2024
BISP Release New 10500 Qisat

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued orders to BISP Release New 10500 Qisat on May 13 before the annual budget 2024. On which BISP has issued a letter to give 10500 new installments on May 13.

In this regard, the administration immediately appointed regional, zonal, and district office officers. In order to ensure the monitoring and distribution of installments in a transparent and fair manner while keeping the SOPs in mind.

Area-wise details of the posted staff will be attached so that they will be able to perform their duties in a good manner. In this article, we will tell you how much money is being released in May, how you can check it, and what the date on which BISP will release its new instalment of 10500. So you have to read this article until the end and know all the information mentioned.

BISP Release New 10500 Qisat

Regular installment of BISP Rs.10500 will be started to be given temporarily to the eligible persons in the Kafalat program under the Benazir Income Support Program. This new payment point-of-sales POS network is intended to distribute payments through Campsides. In which every poor and deserving person who is already a part of the kafalat program and receiving financial assistance from it can be paid in a safe and efficient way.

BISP Release New 10500 Qisat

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BISP New Kafalat Payment Check Online 2024

There is good news for the eligible people in BIS that recently Shahbaz Sharif has announced to release money to BISP before the budget. In which the people of Afran can use the online method to check their eligibility and amount to get their new amount. If you are already a part of BISP kafaalat program and getting your payment from it. So you can check whether your money will be transferred to you or not.

  • For this, go to the 8171 BISP portal.
  • Type your CNIC number there, which consists of 13 digits.
  • Enter the given captcha code along with it. After that, click the submit button below.
  • A notification is shown on the screen in a few seconds.
  • In which it is told that you are eligible for the kafaalat and you have to wait for the new amount.

How BISP Release New Qisat?

In May, the new BISP amount will be given to those who are already part of this kafaalat program. And receiving money from it. This amount of 10500 will be released on May 13, 2024. Apart from this, the amount of Taleemi Wazaif for the children of eligible families will also be released.

You should be ready to pay your children and your maintenance payments. And keep verifying your qualifications to ensure your eligibility. Those who are not registering should complete their registration soon and be a part of this new Kafaalat payment.

Kafaalat BISP New Registeration Process

To register for the new payment of BISP sponsorship, you can visit the official portal of BISP regularly. You can also go to your nearest Benazir Income Support program office to complete your registration process. can be completed.

Remember that your eligibility in the BISP kafalat program is ensured after the registration is completed. Based on which money is provided to you. So those people who want to receive this new amount. They should get their registration done through BISP immediately with their identity card which is updated from NADRA.

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BISP Release New 10500 Qisat Date

The quarterly installment for eligible women is starting from 13 May 2024. An amount of 10,500 rupees will be given for eligible beneficiaries in kafalat . So those women who have registered recently should get ready to receive their new amount. Soon this new amount is going to start. which you can receive through your nearest POS as well as established BISP Cash centres.

By Adil Shoukat

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