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Benazir Payment Scams

Benazir Payments Scam Alert

Benazir payment scams are increasing in the 8171 Benazir programs. Because most of the people in the Benazir program are not literate. Due to this, they are easy victims of cheating people. Many people are receiving false sms and calls informing them of Benazir’s payments up to 4000, 45000, or 50000 and asking you to send us that amount.

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After which those people become victims of their fraud. In this article, you are being told that you should not believe such fake calls and SMS, etc. Rather, if you receive any such call or SMS, then you have to submit an application against it on this 8171K complaint portal. Further, if any benign program receives any payment from you, then you can also submit a request against it.

Benazir Payment Scams

Beneficiaries Facing Different Benazir Payment Scams

BISP users are facing many Sacms in the market due to which they are suffering a lot. Many people are stealing money from poor people by scamming them. Many complaints are being received on the BISP Grievance Portal. To avoid these Scams, you are being informed that you should not pay attention to any fake call or SMS. Rather, trust the messages received 8171. Moreover, if someone lures you and promises to give you more money, then do not believe such things. The following types of frauds are taking place with BISP applicants:

  • They receive the message of giving the maximum amount.
  • A deduction is taken on withdrawing money from them.
  • They are receiving fake SMS.
  • Many people are speaking with Benazir Income Support Program representatives and finding out their necessary information like ID card number and pin code of Jeez Cash etc.

You should register your complaints against them on the BISP online portal before falling victim to fraud.

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8171 Fake BISP Payments SMS And Calls

Many BISP 8171 users have also complained that they are receiving SMS and calls from many numbers other than the official Benazir Income Support Program number 8171. In which they are told that 45000 or more money has been transferred to your account. Contact this number to withdraw them. Do not pay any attention to such fake calls and sms.

Rather, register complaints against such numbers at the tehsil office of Benazir Income Support Program or online portal 8171. So that strict measures can be taken against them and poor consumers can be saved from such frauds.

Payment Withdrawals Charges

Shopkeepers have been registered to withdraw Benazir Income Support Program across Pakistan. If any shopkeeper asks you for any charges for withdrawing BISP program money, then you can register your complaints against them on the Benazir web portal or in the Tehsil Office. BISP team will take strict action against them.

If any person says to you that we will give you money, as a result of which you give them some money as a deduction, then it is a very serious crime. Against which it is necessary to register complaints. So that more people can avoid such fraud.

How to Prevent Benazir Payment Scams in 2024?

If the Benazir Payment Scam has happened to you or you have received information about any such scam. So you can submit an online application against them sitting at home. Do not pay attention to any SMS other than Ap 8171. Rather, enter such numbers to the representatives on the BISP portal. So that action can be taken against them and they are punished. You can do the following to register your complaints on the 8171check online web portal:

  • First, open the official web portal of 8171.
  • Open the complaints tab there.
  • Select the nature of your complaint.
  • Enter the details of the complaint.
  • Enter your National Identity Card Number and Mobile Number.
  • And enter your local address.

In this way your complaint will be received on BISP 8171 portal. It will be acted upon as soon as possible. And further, you will receive a message from 8171 for a confirmation call. In which you have to tell all the details of the fraud that happened to you.

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