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Benazir 938 Error Code Solution

Benazir 938 Error Code Solution

For all those people who are facing Benazir 938 error code while withdrawing BISP money, solutions are being given in this article. How can they resolve this BISP 938 error and withdraw their money? the error screen showing on your mobile indicates that your card has been blocked. From which you can’t withdraw cash. Your only option to remove this problem is to go to the Benazir Income Support Program office and clear this error on your card.

By renewing your registration technique, you will ensure the maintenance of the card. And the up-registration technique will be started again. For which you will get a confirmation message. This indicates that you are qualified to get quick cash after moving there. You must update the crucial points through your card as soon as possible. 

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BISP 938 Error Code Solution

BISP Payment 938 Code Error 2024

Getting cash is a straightforward process. You should know that registration has become exceptionally easy. However, to earn and withdraw money, it is necessary to follow some simple steps. After registration, you will receive all necessary data in unmistakable English. What kind of details do you want to ask for?

How to Unlock BISP Payments Block Card? 

If you prefer to block your card from UPDIP, review the steps. The loans of the Benazir Income Support Program people are closed due to this fact. The classification of poverty has become very high. whose monthly income is increasing due to this inflation. And their money has stopped because of the card.

 Suppose a deserving person wants to receive his money but is still unable to receive it, there is no need to worry. He can remove this error at home or at his nearest Benazir office. He should go to the nearest income support program office, inform the representative about his problem, and provide complete information. The representative there will help you solve this problem entirely.

 Correct BISP Payment 938 Code By BISP Office

You are advise to check whether you have registere or not or to ensure the validity of your registration or card. Those who have not yet become part of the Benazir Kafala program. They can complete their registration by visiting their nearest Benazir office or through the online website. The government is bringing new reforms to the BIP program.

Benazir Rashan Program 4500

These poor people who have not yet receive any financial assistance are also made part of the Benazir Income Support Program. The government is starting many programs these days. From which the poor people living in Pakistan can benefit.

Know the eligibility criteria 8171 BISP

If you want to be a part of this program, you must meet the eligibility criteria made under the BSP programme.

  • No family member should employed in any government department in Pakistan.
  • You have not received any loan from any bank.
  • You have not opened an account in any of the banks in Pakistan.
  • You have never received any money from the government.
  • They are living below the poverty score which is 30%.
  • Have less than three acres of land in your name.

Document Required for BISP Registration

  • You must have your original valid identity card.
  • Your mobile number is register on your identity card.
  • You should have your land documents etc.
  • You keep your income certificate.

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BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue Resolved Now

People could not get their money from the bank due to the error of BISP payment 938 court, now this problem was solved by the government very quickly. People to stand in queues outside the bank to receive their payment and a lot of time was lost while collecting money. While reviewing this and removing this court, the government has found a new solution for the government users. 

Through this, the problems of these poor people are being remove. You can remove this code and receive your cash after removing this problem. To remove the 938 code error, go to your nearest Benazir Income Maryam program. From there, change your record and renew your registration by updating it. After this the technical error in your registration will removed and the registration will not implemented.

Your account will changed promptly within 10 days after your card is updated. And the code on your account will also changed. Due to this, you were having difficulty withdrawing money. You must tell the representative about your problem when visiting Benazir 8171 office. So that they can help you fully in solving your problem and your money can received in your hand.

BISP Monthly Payment 10500

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