Fri. May 24th, 2024
Govt. Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Project Registration Process

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched a new portal for Punjab Roshan Gharana solar project registration. So that those who want to be a part of this scheme can easily register online and get free solar panels. In the first phase, one KV solar system will be provided to 5000 families.

So those people living in Punjab who want to get their registration done in this solar panel scheme. So they will be explained below with complete procedure. Apart from this, complete details of eligibility criteria and required documents are available in this article. So read this article till the end and know all the details in it well.

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Punjab Roshan Gharana Project 2024

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program Scheme is a scheme that provides free solar panels to the people of Punjab. These people are targeted in this scheme. Whose monthly electricity is used from 100 units to 300 units. In this era of inflation, these poor and middle class people face difficulties in paying electricity bills. Due to this, Maryam Nawaz has started this new scheme to provide facilities to the people of Punjab.

Govt. Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Project New Registration Process

In the first phase,50000 families will be made part of the free solar panel scheme. Through which they are given a complete package of solar panels on down payment.

Roshan Gharana New Registration

We will tell you that in the first phase only 5000 families will be registered and their eligibility criteria will be checked thoroughly. If they meet the eligibility criteria then they are definitely made a part of this scheme. If more applications are received, the government will add more solar systems in the next phase. And it will include more and more people who live in Punjab. If you want to be a part of this scheme while living in Punjab. So know the below eligibility criteria and registration procedure very well.

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Check Eligibility for Roshan Gharana New Registration Process

Whenever there is a scheme in Pakistan, to register in it, you must first fulfill some basic requirements. Similarly, this Punjab Roshan Gharana scheme also has some quality. Which you can read and get your registration done easily for Punjab Solar System Scheme Apply Online. Let us know the eligibility criteria.

  • This scheme has been launched only for permanent residents living in Punjab.
  • Those people living in Punjab who do not have the original identity card in the name of Pakistan cannot be a part of this scheme.
  • Employees who work in government offices are not eligible.
  • If a resident of Punjab who has original identity card of Punjab and resides in any other province. So he can also benefit from this game.
  • Only those families who use 100 to 300 units of electricity per month can benefit from this scheme.

Required Documents for the Punjab Solar Scheme

If you know the eligibility criteria given above then we are now telling you about some necessary documents. which are used during the registration process. Before registration you must have these necessary documents which are listed below.

  • Scanned copy of original identity card.
  • Possession of property power documents or permission from the property owner.
  • Copy of current electricity bill
  • Have your monthly income certificate (if possible)

Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme Registration Process

The registration of Punjab Roshan Gharana in Solar Panel 2024 is currently being completed through the offline method. The online procedure for this has not been introduced yet. What is this offline procedure Follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. First, go to the nearest Bank of Punjab branch in your tehsil
  2. After going there, get the registration form for the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme.
  3. After getting the form, read it carefully and complete it.
  4. After that the necessary documents which are required in the form have to be attached with this form.
  5. After attaching the application form properly, submit it again to the bank representative. Thus your registration process is complete.
  6. Your request form will be verified. And after the complete check, you will be informed through a message whether you have become a part of Free Solar Panel Scheme Punjab or not.


Now aspirants can know complete information about their registration eligibility and required documents in this article and can complete their registration easily. Those who complete their registration can be among the first 50,000 families who are eligible for this solar panel scheme. So remember to fill and attach all your details and necessary documents properly while applying on the application form. Because only your documents can ensure your registration and eligibility.

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