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Withdraw All Previous BISP Payments 8171

Withdraw Procedure Previous BISP Payments

BISP New 8171 Program has announced that those users who have not received the previous BISP payments of 8171 installment . So they can visit their nearest BISP Cash Center as soon as possible and get all their installments without any deduction. This is the last chance for these customers to get their installments without deduction.

So visit your nearest BISP Cash Center as soon as possible and avail all your benefits. Also, if someone deducts BISP payments from you, you can complain to the PISP authorities and get your full assistance. How can you collect all previous installments from the BISP Cash Center allocated by the Benazir Income Support Program, and how can you apply for a deduction? All its details are provided to you in our article so you can easily get your installment.

Withdraw Procedure Previous BISP Payments

How To Collect BISP 8171 Installment Without Deduction?

If you are a customer who has not been able to receive your previous BISP 8171 payment for a long time. The complete procedure for getting all these payments together is provided below.

  • First, you should inform your nearest BISP Cash Center that you have not received BISP 8171 Installment payments for a long time.
  • After that, provide your National Identity Card to the representative.
  • The representative will then enter your ID card number on the machine and verify your fingerprints.
  • If your thumbs are verified, the representative will provide your full episodes.
  • Don’t forget to get your receipt before making the BISP payment because this receipt let you know that no aid money has been left behind.
  • While receiving the installment from the representative, count your installment in full and confirm that you are being paid the total amount.
  • You can also Check BISP Eligibility Through the Helpline 8171.

Suppose the representative does not provide the full amount and deducts your installment. You can complain in the BISP office per the procedure below and get your installment amount from there.

Methods Of Doing Complain For Deduction In Previous BISP Payments

If you go to collect your installment at a BISP cash center and the representative there deducts your installment, how can you file a complaint? For this, the Benazir Income Support Program has introduced two procedures through which you can register the complaints of these representatives at the BISP headquarters and get your complaint redressed.

Both these procedure are provided to you below, and you can easily process your complaint at home and get the remaining installment amount by taking action against these representatives.

BISP Installment Deduction Complaint Via WhatsApp No.

Benazir Income Support Program has introduced a WhatsApp number through which you can file a complaint against these representatives sitting at home. Those who deduct the installment or those officers who are present in the Benazir Income Support Program office and do not register you and do not provide you information about registration.

So you can register all kinds of complaints through this WhatsApp number. Within 24 hours, you will receive a message about your complaint action through this WhatsApp number. And you will informed about the complete action details.

BISP Installment Deduction Complaint Via Helpline No.

Apart from this, a helpline number has also been introduced by the BISP program. You can also register your installment deduction complaints by calling this helpline number. You can call this helpline for free and register your complaints. A call center has set up at the BISB headquarters to expedite the redressal of the grievances of the BISP program. Which listens and redresses the grievances of the people 24 hours a day.

Reason Why Thumbs Not Verify During Verification

We will explain why women’s thumbs are not verified and why they cannot get their installments. So get rid of these problems and go for your BISP Kafaalt program installment. If any of these problems are found with you. Wait for a few days and get the installment by verifying your thumbs. These reasons are below.

  • First, women should ensure their fingers are clean and free of material or unnecessary things.
  • Your fingers should not be cracked. If they are damaged, you can use Vaseline to repair them.
  • Your thumbs or fingers should not be sprained or injured.

Final Words about Previous BISP Payments

Benazir Income Support Program has announced that those women who did not get the previous BSP 8171 installment. They should now go to their nearest BISP Tehsil Office. They are being provided with all the installments together after the government of Pakistan verifies the rings. And no deduction is being made for their episodes. Also, if someone asks you for an installment deduction. You can complain to the BISP call center and have your complaint redressed. Everyone can Track their previous Payments Easily by BISP Payment Tracking Online.

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