Fri. May 24th, 2024
Breaking News! NSER New Registration Process Start For Rs10500

Ineligible persons ensure the eligibility of themselves and their family members through the NSER New Registration Process. After registration they can get Rs 10500 immediately from the Benazir Kafalat programme. This registration is free.

You can visit the Benazir office in your nearest town to register for this. Do not forget to carry your original ID card with you before going there. Your registration process is completed based on this ID card. And after completing your eligibility check, your registration process is completed. 

NSER New Registration 2024 

We explain how registration is done through the NSER survey, what its procedure is, and what the eligibility criteria are below. So read this article till the end and know all the procedures and information mentioned in it.

NSER New Registration 2024 

The NSER registration process is open for those not receiving financial assistance from the Benazir Income Support Program. Recently, the government has also introduced the registration process for these people along with the increase of money. 

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So in this era of inflation, every poor person wants to be a part of BISP and wants to receive financial assistance from it. They can ensure their registration and eligibility. You can easily know your eligibility criteria and registration procedure in this article. For that, you have to read this article till the end and get financial aid knowing this information.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria consist of the following essential points.

  • You must be a Pakistani citizen to register.
  • Now, if you live in any province in Pakistan, you can register for BISP.
  • Your PMT score which is called the poverty score should be less than 30%.
  • Your monthly income should be less than 4000 rupees.
  • Any member of your family who is not in government employment.
  • Women who are divorce, widow or disable can register in the BISP Ehsaas kafaalat program.
  • You must not have opened any bank account in your name before registration.
  • You have not registered any vehicle etc. in your name.
  • You have not made any passport in your name to go abroad.

Documents For Survey NSER Registration Process 

Before applying you need to know about some important documents listed below.

  • Original ID Card updated from NADRA
  • Children’s Bay Form, if any
  • Copy of gas and electricity bill
  • Full proof of residence

NSER Registration Process To Ineligible Persons 

We will tell you the complete registration procedure in NSER. Knowing this you can easily register your Kafaalat for a new payment 10500.

  1. First of all, you have to go to your nearest BISP office with your original identity card and necessary documents.
  2. After going to the office, you must provide your CNIC to the representative at the NSER Dynamic Desk.
  3. Benazir’s representative will enter your CNIC number.
  4. Apart from this, it will ask you for some necessary information like house address, name etc and some new information.
  5. You have to tell the representative all this information in a good way.
  6. The representative completes all this information in the registration process.
  7. This way, all your information will completed during the NSER registration process.
  8. Benazir’s representative inform you of your NSER survey registration process is done.
  9. After confirmation, a message is sent to your mobile in a few days. In which it is tell whether you have qualify for the kafaalat program amount of Rs 10500.

How to  Check Eligibility 8171 NSER?

Individuals who have completed their registration through the NSER survey want to check their eligibility. So they can know their eligibility in two ways.

8171 web portal:

  • Type 81 in the browser on your mobile.
  • Click on the first website 8171 portal shows on the Google page.
  • You will instructed to enter the CNIC number captcha code in the form before you.
  • Complete the form and click the submit button below.
  • A notification about eligibility is shown on the screen which indicates whether you have registere through the NSER survey or not.

8171 SMS by code:

  1. You can check your eligibility by SMS 8171 using your mobile.
  2. Send your CNIC number to 8171.
  3. After waiting a few minutes, a message is received from the BISP back on the mobile.
  4. It is told whether you have qualified in the Kafaalat program or not.